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Welcome to Learn Daylite

Welcome to Learn Daylite! We are excited to introduce you to this new service, to share some details on what inspired its inception and to give you a peek at what is yet to come.

Learn Daylite Logo

Learn Daylite is the result of a paternship between Tim Stringer and Jani Mitanovski. Both Jani and Tim have been working with clients to implement Daylite for many years and it’s the tool we personally use to run our consulting firms. Jani is the founder of Macfanatic, an Apple consulting and training firm that empowers organizations to seize the value of synergy between their people, process, and technology. Tim is the founder of Technically Simple and provides productivity coaching and consulting to individuals and organizations, with an emphasis on teaching people to use technology effectively, so that technology becomes a trusted ally rather than a source of stress.

We created Learn Daylite both to educate people on how to use Daylite’s rich feature set and to share best practices that we’ve developed by working with a diverse group of clients from all over the world. Our goal is to provide something for everyone — whether you’re brand new to Daylite and are looking for some help getting started or are a seasoned Daylite veteran looking to fine-tune your workflow.

Daylite 4 Video Tutorials

Learn Daylite boasts a growing library of short screencasts that walk you through beginner, intermediate and advanced features. Use the videos to build confidence with Daylite and to discover some hidden gems that will take your workflows to the next level.

Daylite 4 Webinars

Learn Daylite Webinars provide a live and interactive way to delve into Daylite features, workflows and best practices. In March, we’re offering two free webinars: one for people who are new to Daylite and curious to hear what this solution has to offer and another for people who are currently using Daylite 3 and are considering a move to Daylite 4. Please see our Courses & Webinars section for more information and to register.

Daylite 4 Courses

We’ll soon be starting to offer online courses, with each course exploring a different aspect of Daylite. The courses will provide instructions on how to use specific features of Daylite and, equally importantly, will provide guidelines on how to use these features in a real-world setting. Group sizes will be kept small to allow for plenty of interaction. Please see our Courses & Webinars section for more information and to register.

Daylite 4 Custom Group Training & Consulting

We’re happy to explore the possibility of providing customized, private training programs to you and your staff. If you’re just getting started with Daylite or feel your current setup could use some TLC, contact us to inquire about custom training and consulting packages.

Share Feedback and Stay Informed

We look forward sharing much more with you over the coming weeks and months and welcome your input. We invite you to contact us with any feedback, suggestions and requests that you have. And to make sure that you don’t miss any of the action, we encourage you to subscribe to our mailing list and RSS feed and to follow us on Twitter @LearnDaylite.

Supporting Learn Daylite

If you don’t already own Daylite, or require additional licenses you can support Learn Daylite and help fund the creation of new Daylite tutorials, webinars and courses by purchasing your licenses through us.