Daylite for Real Estate


This course is tailored to people in the real estate industry who have a basic knowledge of Daylite. It includes best practices for configuring Daylite for real estate and instruction on using Daylite efficiently in a day-to-day real estate practice. Purchasing this product gives you instant access to a page containing course recordings (approximately 170 minutes) and course materials. You’ll also have access to updated recordings and course materials as they become available.



Please Note: The courses and tutorials included on this site are based on Daylite 4. Some of the technical details shared may not apply to more recent versions of Daylite.

Daylite for Real Estate – Part 1: Foundations

The course has two distinct parts. Daylite for Real Estate – Part 1: Foundations is all about configuring Daylite in a way that is optimal for your Real Estate practice, specifically:

  • How to import data from Mac OS Contacts into Daylite
  • Best practices for using Categories and Keywords in Real Estate
  • Techniques for complete and efficient data entry
  • How to make optimum use of Opportunity and Project pipelines
  • How to streamline and standardize listing and purchasing procedures
  • And much more…

Daylite for Real Estate — Part 2: Workflows

Daylite for Real Estate — Part 2: Workflows teaches you how to use Daylite to conveniently and efficiently manage the day-to-day operations of your Real Estate practice, specifically:

  • How to effectively use Daylite to manage prospective buyers and sellers
  • How to track the sales process from beginning to end
  • How to make use Daylite Smart Lists for keeping in touch with leads & clients
  • How to use Calendars and Tasks to maintain a relaxed and efficient flow
  • And much more…

Going Beyond the Basics

This course is open to both new and veteran Daylite users and will be led by Learn Daylite Founders Jani Mitanovski and Tim Stringer, who have years of experience supporting people in the Real Estate Industry.

Please Note: For those of you who are new to Daylite, we recommend gaining some basic knowledge of Daylite before participating in this course. To support your learning, there are plenty of excellent tutorials on and and you’re welcome to participate in one of our free Introduction to Daylite 4 webinars.

Like a taste? Watch the free Daylite for Real Estate Professionals Webinar

If you’d like a taste of the material that we’ll be covering, we recommend you watch the free webinar we offered in partnership with Marketcircle.

Daylite for Real Estate Professionals Webinar from Learn Daylite on Vimeo.