Daylite 4: Beyond the Basics


This 80-minute online course is designed for people who have a solid understanding of Daylite’s basic features and want to learn some powerful new techniques and best practices for using Daylite more effectively and efficiently. Purchasing this product gives you instant access to a page containing the course recording and course materials. You’ll also have access to updated recordings and course materials as they become available.



Please Note: The courses and tutorials included on this site are based on Daylite 4. Some of the technical details shared may not apply to more recent versions of Daylite.

The topics that we’ll cover include:

  • Foundations of a Good Database — Includes techniques for building and maintaining a complete and effective Daylite database and touches on best practices for using Categories and Keywords.
  • Efficient Data Entry — Learn how to speed up and improve the accuracy of Daylite data entry by making effective use of features such as Default Values and Bulk Edit.
  • Keeping in Touch with Leads & Clients — Learn to use Daylite in combination with advanced Smart Lists to make sure that you’re maintaining regular contact with leads and clients…and not letting opportunities slip through the cracks.
  • Using Tasks Effectively — Gain clarity on how Tasks were designed to be used and learn some new ways to classify and access your tasks.
  • Calendar Wizardry — Learn some advanced ways in which you can use the Daylite Calendar and how Smart Lists can provide convenient access to calendar data for you and your team.
  • And more…