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Daylite 4 on ScreenCastsOnline

We’re big fans of ScreenCastsOnline and have benefited greatly from the Mac and iOS tutorials that Don McAllister has produced over the years. We were happy to contribute three Daylite 4 screencasts to Don’s impressive library of tutorials. By becoming a ScreenCastsOnline Premium Member you’ll have access to these and over 400 other Mac and iOS screencasts.

The Introduction to Daylite screencast was published on May 25 and covers basic Daylite concepts and the process of installing Daylite. The tutorial also walks through a basic configuration of the app and demonstrates how to enter contacts manually and how to import people and companies from the Mac OS Contacts app.

The Using Daylite on Mac screencast will be published on June 1 and delves more deeply into using Daylite on the Mac. Additionally, the Using Daylite on iOS screencast will cover the basics of how to access, view and modify your Daylite database from your Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.