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Daylite 4.2.1 Update Now Available

Earlier today Marketcircle released Daylite 4.2.1, a minor update to Daylite with the following fixes and enhancements:

  • Mac OS X 10.8.4 Compatibility — Daylite Mail Assistant is now compatible with the upcoming Mac OS X 10.8.4 update.
  • Calendar Performance — A rare performance issue with the Daylite calendar has been addressed.
  • Calendar Subscription — An issue that affected calendar subscriptions has been resolved.
  • Daylite Server Engine — Daylite 4.2.1 incorporates a new version of the Daylite Server database engine.

Daylite 4.2.1, Daylite Mail Assistant (DMA) 4.2.1 and Daylite Server 4.2.1 are available for download on Marketcircle’s website.

We recommended that you follow a specific procedure when upgrading to Daylite 4.2.1. The following tutorial walks you through the upgrade process and assumes you’re upgrading from Daylite 4.1.x.

The procedure for upgrading from Daylite 4.0.x is essentially the same, but the first time you launch the Daylite client following the upgrade you may find that it takes a while (up to an hour in some cases) before you’re able to access your data. Subsequent launches are much faster. Whatever version you’re upgrading from, make sure you backup the Daylite database before upgrading…just to be on the safe side.